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Wellness Club

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For those looking for a massage membership, the Drift Away Wellness Club is designed to provide every Drift Away Massage & Spa's client with an opportunity to improve their health and wellness through therapeutic massage therapy.

The Drift Away Wellness Club is a month-to-month membership that grants each client one massage session per month at a discounted rate. It also provides clients as many additional sessions as desired at the discounted member rate. The payment method is simply handled through auto debit once per month. There is no long-term contract and members can opt out at any time with a 30-day notice after a 3 month commitment.


If you skip a month, the session rolls over to the next month at no extra charge. After the roll over the massage will then expire. 


From the moment you book your massage all the way through your massage experience, you will receive personalized service to ensure the best possible therapeutic experience.

Clients in the Drift Away Wellness Club receive customized, relaxing and stress-relieving therapeutic massage at a value.

Members of the Drift Away Wellness Club receive these member-only benefits:

  • Savings on every massage

  • Membership-only rates

  • Unused massage session roll-over

  • Cancel anytime after a 3 month commitment!

  • Discounted "Get Salted" products

  • Discounted upgrades available


The Drift Away Wellness Club is the best way to take advantage of getting your monthly massage. Improve your wellness in a club that backs up their service.